1. Upon delivery, the customer receives the vehicle with the maintenance carried out, including the respective mandatory documentation and a copy of the vehicle’s Rental Agreement. The customer undertakes to return the vehicle to Rent-a-car Graciosa, under the same conditions at the time of delivery, according to the date, time and place mentioned in the Rental Agreement.
  2. When completing the Rental Agreement, the following documents and valid information are required: passport or citizen card, driving license, credit card in the driver’s name, current address and telephone contact of the driver.
  3. The minimum rental period is 1 day (24h). When the vehicle is not returned on the agreed date / time (tolerance of 60 minutes), RENT-A-CAR GRACIOSA will have the right to charge an additional rental day, for each day of delay.
  4. In the event that the Customer terminates the Rental Agreement in advance, the corresponding amount of the days exposed in the contract that have not been enjoyed (taxes included) will not be returned, and the same must be retained as compensation.
  5. On return, vehicles that have internal or external dirt, contrary to prudent use, namely a simple cleaning, possible to be performed in a manual washing center, can RENT-A-CAR GRACIOSA apply a fee of € 25, for cleaning extraordinary.
  6. When returning the vehicle, if it is not possible to jointly check the condition of the vehicle, due to dirt, damage or accident, the rental process will be conditioned to cleaning and subsequent evaluation.
  7. Smoking inside the vehicle is prohibited, so if the vehicle shows signs and / or damage due to non-compliance, the RENT-A-CAR GRACIOSA may charge an extra cleaning fee of € 25.
  8. The reservation made will not be specific to a finished vehicle (make and model), but to a group of vehicles with similar technical characteristics. If the selected group is not available, RENT-A-CAR GRACIOSA will deliver a superior group vehicle.
  9. The customer receives the vehicle in perfect condition. The fuel level is checked and noted in the rental contract, during the delivery of the vehicle, the customer being responsible for all fuel costs consumed during the rental.
  10. When returning the vehicle, the fuel level will be checked, in cases where the fuel level is lower than the level noted in the rental contract, fuel will be charged according to the total kilometers traveled (difference between the kilometers registered delivery and collection). The amount to be paid will be calculated according to the following formula: 0.08 L / km (average consumption 8 L for 100 km) x total kilometers traveled (km) x current fuel price (L). The service fee of 15 € is charged to the previous amount.
  11. The customer must guarantee the delivery of the vehicle with the respective vehicle documents. In case of vehicles returned without documentation, an additional cost of € 100 applies.



  1. The vehicle cannot be used to:
  1. For transportation of goods in violation of customs regulations or otherwise illegal.
  2. For the transport of passengers or goods in exchange for any remuneration or compensation, implicit or explicit.
  3. To push or pull any vehicle or trailer.
  4. For sports events and By anyone under the influence of alcohol or narcotics, in addition the vehicle will be driven only by the customer, and may nevertheless be driven by any other person under the age of 23, with a driving license for more than 1 year, and be properly qualified, with prior and express authorization from RENT-A-CAR GRACIOSA.
  5. The customer expressly acknowledges his personal responsibility to pay RENT-A-CARGRACIOSA, and as soon as it is requested:
  1. The total amounts referring to the time of use and respective extras, at the time of picking up the vehicle (pick-up).
  1. All fines, judicial or extrajudicial expenses. Penalties for traffic violations or any other type of law violations attributed to the vehicle, the customer or RENT-A-CAR GRACIOSA during the rental period, unless they are caused by the fault of RENT-A-CAR GRACIOSA.
  2. All expenses including legal fees and reasonable fees for lawyers hired to obtain payment of any sums owed by the client.
  3. RENT-A-CAR GRACIOSA, when notified to identify the Client, is responsible for the payment of € 40 of administrative expenses.
  4. The cost of the total repair of damages to the vehicle and accessories (eg keys), at the time of delivery, which are not indicated in the Rental Agreement. This liability is imputed to the driver identified in the Rental Agreement, who assumed the respective responsibility, when collecting the vehicle


  1. This liability will be reduced to the payment of a deductible, if the customer has previously hired and with payment of the fee corresponding to the waiver of compensation for collision CDW or SUPERCDW, by means of a signature or item in the respective space “CDW yes” or “SUPERCDW – yes ”.
  2. The customer undertakes to ensure the prudent use of the vehicle, ensuring that it is closed in a safe place, when not in use.
  1. Drivers aged between 21 and 23 years old, and with at least 1 year of driving license, can rent vehicles by paying a supplement of € 20 per day.
  2. Insurance coverage is only valid for drivers who are mentioned in the Rental Agreement. It is possible to secure more authorized drivers, by paying a supplement of € 4.90 per day and per driver.
  3. Only the vehicle is allowed to circulate on Ilha Graciosa, unless previously authorized by RENT-A-CAR GRACIOSA.
  4. RENT-A-CAR GRACIOSA is not responsible for loss / theft / theft / damage of personal property and goods left, during and after the rental of the vehicle.
  5. The vehicle must be used with due care, in accordance with its characteristics, respecting the Highway Code and other applicable legislation.
  6. It is not allowed to drive the vehicle to a person other than those authorized under the Rental Agreement, with the Customer being directly responsible for any damage, loss or fine that has occurred in the vehicle or in third parties.
  7. The customer is responsible for the damage caused to the interior and exterior parts of the vehicle, as such he is obliged to pay all expenses generated to restore the vehicle to the condition it was in before the rental. The customer is responsible for the damages caused to the vehicles, as well as for the period of immobilization of the same.
  8. All customers (authorized drivers are jointly and severally liable for all Customer obligations, applicable in the contract and the laws to which they are effective.



  1. Payments can be made using the following methods: credit card in the name of the authorized driver, by debit card or cash.
  2. In the event of a rental extension, the Customer must contact RENT-A-CAR GRACIOSA in due time, indicate his intention, arrange to travel to the premises so that he can update the Rental Agreement and pay the remaining rental days. No Contract may be extended by telephone or any other means of communication. If the Contract cannot be extended, due to the unavailability of vehicles or for any other reason, the Customer must return the vehicle on the agreed date and time, mentioned in the Rental Contract. When requesting the extension of the Contract, it may be necessary, depending on the initial conditions of the same, the execution of a new Contract considering, at that time, the existing Contract is extinguished.
  3. RENT-A-CAR GRACIOSA may, at any time, cancel the Rental Agreement and request the return of the vehicle, in case it doubts the financial capacity of the Client, following previous situations of default or serious incidents.



When canceling a reservation after 48 hours before the date and time shown in the reservation made, it will be a value for two nights.



  1. In case of verification of technical anomaly of the vehicle, the Customer must immobilize the vehicle and immediately contact RENT-A-CAR GRACIOSA, through the 24h travel assistance number (+351) 967869218.
  2. Towing expenses due to unauthorized use of the vehicle, breakdown or damage caused are the responsibility of the Customer.
  3. If the vehicle is delivered with a fuel level below the level mentioned in the Contract, under penalty of being charged the cost of the missing fuel, plus a refueling service fee of € 15, loyally allowed.
  4. For negligent action with the introduction of a fuel different from the fuel of the respective vehicle, the Customer is responsible for towing the vehicle to the RENT-A-CAR GRACIOSA workshop, replacing fuel, dismantling and washing the tank, tuning and other associated repairs.


  1. In the event of an accident or breakdown under the responsibility of the Customer, RENT-A-CAR GRACIOSA is not obliged to provide a replacement vehicle and the amount corresponding to the days on which the vehicle was not used (taxes included) will be fully retained as compensation .



  1. In the case of damage or accident caused by the Customer, between the collection and delivery of the vehicle, he is responsible for all damages and / or losses caused, total or partial theft of the vehicle, as well as the number of days of immobilization of the vehicle. vehicle, being charged for these days according to the category and tariff of the vehicle in question.
  2. After an accident, theft or fire, even if partial, the Client must safeguard the interests of RENT-A-CAR GRACIOSA and Companhia de Seguros.
  3. Contact RENT-A-CAR GRACIOSA immediately (+351) 967869218 and follow its instructions.
  4. The Client must complete the Friendly Accident Declaration, within a maximum period of 24 hours, where he must mention the actual circumstances in which the accident occurred, the name and address of witnesses, the owner and driver of the vehicle involved, as well as the registration number , the brand, the insurance company and the policy number, under penalty of being responsible for payment up to the maximum amount of the current or total deductible;
  5. You must not leave the scene of the incident before the authorities arrive, otherwise you will be liable for damages resulting in full, and insurance coverage will have no effect;
  1. Information on insurance conditions:

All additional insurance is considered effective, only when previously contracted. The amounts charged for additional insurance can be consulted using the table

  1. CDW (Own Damage Insurance): In the event of an accident, shock or rollover, the customer’s liability for damages caused can be reduced to the payment of a mandatory deductible, if the fault is the customer’s. Excludes damage caused under the vehicle, damage to the windshield, rims and tires that are destroyed.
  2. SCDW (Own Damage Super Insurance): It allows to reduce the mandatory deductible, to a minimum deductible amount, according to the respective tariff. com illustrated in the Insurance and Franchise Table excluding damage caused under the vehicle, damage to the windshield, rims and tires destroyed.
  3. TP (Theft Protection Insurance): In case of theft, total / partial theft of the vehicle, the customer’s liability can be reduced to the payment of the respective deductible. The customer will have to report the theft to the local authorities and return the vehicle keys. Insurance coverage can be canceled in the event of a breach of the terms and conditions.
  4. WDW (Windshield damage coverage): Only when contracted together with CDW, TP, and SUPER CDW, it allows to reduce the mandatory deductible amount or to the minimum deductible amount, depending on the contracted one.
  5. TRW (Rim and Tire Cover): Only when contracted together with CDW, TP, and SUPER CDW, it allows to reduce the mandatory deductible amount or to the minimum deductible amount, depending on the contracted one.
  6. PAI (Own Damage Insurance): In the event of an accident the driver and other passengers will have coverage for medical treatment expenses up to € 250 per occupant, in case of death or permanent disability the coverage of € 2500 per occupant.


  • RENT-A-CAR GRACIOSA, as data controller, will process personal data, in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (Lei n.º 58/2019, de 8 de agosto) . In order to proceed with the rental process, the Client authorizes the collection and treatment of the following personal data: name, telephone number or mobile number, age, address, TIN, passport, date of issue and date of validity of the passport, or Citizen’s card number, date of validity of the citizen’s card, number of driving license, date of issue and date of validity of the driving license and email .
  • RENT-A-CAR GRACIOSA may, in circumstances of violations of the Highway Code and by criminal investigation, provide the data collected to the police and / or judicial authorities.
  • The right to object, rectify and delete personal data, according to the legislation in force, may be made by registered letter to Largo de Santo António, 136 – 9880-029 Guadalupe, Graciosa Island, Azores, Portugal.



  1. In cases of Legal Action, as opposed to any of the Terms and Conditions presented by RENT-A-CAR GRACIOSA, the Client is responsible for paying all legal expenses including legal costs, attorneys ‘and solicitors’ fees, and, in case conviction, to the indemnity fixed through the respective sentence.
  2. When signing the Rental Agreement, the customer accepts the information presented in the General Rental Terms and Conditions and is entitled to request clarification.